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Established over 15 years ago, Cross Services is a reputable plumbing company that is committed to providing first rate care for customers.

A Little Bit About Cross Emergency Plumbers Farnborough

We’re reliable, friendly and professional, our main activity is plumbing. The majority of our works are emergencies, such as leaking taps, boiler break downs and burst pipes. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service throughout Farnborough Town. Cross plumbers Farnborough, only employ fully trained engineers. So, if you need an emergency plumber in Farnborough your at the right place.

How to Deal with Burst Pipes and Emergencies

One of the main call-outs our Farnborough plumbers must deal with, is leaking and burst pipes.  Burst pipes are classed an emergency and our plumber are always at the ready. Because a burst pipes involves water leakage, its imperative stops the leak and minimise damage to the rest of your home. If you are unfortunate to have a pipe bust, the first thing to do is find the stopcock. Stopcock in Farnborough homes are usually found under the kitchen sink, outside or in the bathroom. Ones you have found the stopcock, shut it off and call an emergency plumber. It’s important you know the location of stopcock.

Emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night, it could be a leaking pipe, radiators have burst, toilet wont flush or even worse. We deal with plumbing problems every day and we can offer the best and fast solution when an emergency strikes. Our plumbers are able to deal with urgent repairs quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Tool Kit and Parts

A basic emergency tool kit is a handy to thing to have around the home, especially if you can’t find a plumber right away.

Our Emergency Service in Farnborough

At Cross Plumbing Farnborough, we offer an all-in service, for your general plumbing emergencies. We provide all types of emergencies works in the Farnborough area, from new taps, washing machine plumbed in, boiler repairs and much more.

Leaking pipe? radiator leak? Whenever you experience a plumbing emergency, the staff at cross plumbing are more than happy to assist. We have the skills to handle any problem you face. from gas leaks, to blocked loos, to shower, basin or taps. We are here to assist as soon as possible.

Toilet Flushing Problems?

One of the most common plumbing problems around the home is the toilet that won’t flush, the first thing that comes to mind is an emergency plumber in Farnborough. Here are some tips on saving money on an emergency plumber. If you have a plunger, this little tool is ideal for unclogging toilets and cheap to buy.

What if I do not have a plunger?

If you do not have a plunger, you can use an old mop. Fasten a plastic shopping bag over the mop head with elastic bands or string, and bingo, you have a makeshift plunger. At Cross Services emergency plumbers Farnborough, we deal with all aspects of plumbing. Before we start any work, we always undertake a risk assessment to ensure the safety of your property. Cross Services emergency Plumbers of Farnborough has a reputation for providing excellent customer care and superior workmanship. Call our friendly team of plumbers now for help. Speak to us at Cross Services emergency plumbers in Farnborough on.

How to Spot a Good Plumber

The most important sign of a plumber is knowledge and experience, this can only be achieved through many years of training and on site experience. A decent plumber will always take safety seriously, he will always carry our risk assessments before and after a job has started. Good plumbers always arrive on time. Plumbers that keep their appointments will reflect in their work attitude and customer care. Good plumbers are generally good at problem-solving.

Our Services

The team of plumbers at Cross Services emergency Plumbers Farnborough can provide a vast range of services to help you take care of your property. Here are some of our key services:

At Cross Services emergency plumbers Farnborough, we can provide you with a professional plumbing report or survey for your home or business. A plumbing report will help you avoid serious issues with your plumbing by telling you if there is any work needed. A plumber will assess your plumbing system and give you a detailed plumbing report that can help you save money on major work in the future. If you’re selling your property in Farnborough, a plumbing survey can help you to negotiate the right price with potential buyers. A buyer will often hire a surveyor for the property but if you have an independent plumbing survey that’s been provided by a qualified plumber, it can help you get a fair price for your property.


Call Cross Services emergency Plumbers Farnborough to speak to a plumber today on 01252 647280.

Emergency Plumber Farnborough

If you need an emergency plumber for your home or business in Farnborough, contact Cross Services Emergency Plumbers today. We will respond rapidly to deal with water damage or burst water pipes, carrying out essential repairs and plumbing work quickly and efficiently in an emergency. Contact us for a qualified emergency plumber in your local area today.

Emergency Blocked Drains

We provide a drain maintenance service to deal with leaking pipes. Our plumbers will provide work such as gutter repairs, gutter cleaning, replacement downpipes and drain blockage clearance. We also supply and fit new gutters. Contact Cross Services emergency Plumbers Farnborough for a professional today. Drains can be a stinking nightmare, always keep the drains serviced and cleaned. You can protect your drains with protective covers and they are cheap. Let Mark cross deal with your drainage problems.

What  can Affect your Drains in Extreme Weather?

There are many types of extreme weather which can affect your drains, it really depends on your location and the time of year. Generally, drain problems will arise during the winter months up to spring. Always put fats from cooking in bins and not down the drains.

What to do when you have a water leak?

The majority of plumbers in Farnborough will tell you to turn off the stop cock, so it’s a good idea to know where the stopcock is before an emergency happens. Once you have found the stop cock turn it off. If you find the stopcock is locked tight, use WD-40 to ease it open. If you still cant shut the stop cock off, call our emergency plumber in Farnborough.

One can take plumbing for granted. From a flick of a switch to a refreshing shower, having  heating in the home is amazing. However, it can bring problems, such as leaking taps pipes or perhaps, more commonly, a burst pipe. Burst pipes will often start gradually.

Blocked Toilets in Farnborough?

A jammed toilet is the most annoying plumbing problem, especially if you have visitors, how embarrassing. If you are unlucky to have blocked a toilet, just pick up the phone and call our emergency plumber in Farnborough. When you need a plumber urgently, we are the people you can trust.

Has your home plumbing gone off the wall? shower giving you the cold shoulder? Whether fixing a simple tap, repairing a gas pipe, or fitting a new bathroom, you’ll find cross emergency plumbers the only choice in Farnborough.

Are we working during the coronavirus outbreak?

Are emergency Plumbers Farnborough working during Covid19 lock down? We are only open for essential works, Our Advice for our customers in Farnborough, if you have any coronavirus symptoms, we will be unable to attend your emergency unless we think its safe for our plumbers.

Boiler Break-down

If your boiler has broken down you may need emergency plumber to to fix it. You might be able to repair it yourself and save yourself money on a professional plumbers bill. If you smell any gas, it’s best to call a qualified plumber straight away, who will be able to assess the problem and deal with right-away. You should also contact a plumber if you can’t find the source of the gas leak – they’re trained and have specialist tools.

A plumbing boiler breakdown can be a depressing, especially if it happens during the night or in the middle of winter. It’s generally advisable to call a professional plumber. You may need to reset your boiler system, check your manufacturer’s guide instructions for guidance on how to perform this. If your boiler is losing pressure it might show as a pipe leak in the boiler system. An emergency plumber in Farnborough is the best person to check this.

Protect Yourself from Cowboy Plumbers

Thinking of having significant plumbing installation or repairs or maintenance work to your central heating system in the Farnborough area?

protect yourself and your cash. Make sure you are ready for any possibility – it’s not unheard of for a plumber to start work on a heating system but then to leave the job unfinished when the firm goes bust. To avoid being high-and -dry with the job half-finished, follow our simple steps.

When you are hiring an emergency plumber or a heating engineer in Farnborough, get a written guarantee. In this day-and age firms can go into administration and even though your plumber is competent at his job. Money problems may make it almost impossible for them to carry on.

Make sure that your plumber is a member of an established trade body. Make sure that your plumber is a member of an established trade body such as the plumbing aspiration.

Before you hire an emergency plumber, check their reviews and references that will confirm their credentials, attitude to work and history. Do your homework – and go for a plumber or heating engineer with a permanent office or business address in Farnborough as these are likely to be well-established.

Check the plumber or heating engineer is fully qualified and also check they possess insurance. That way, if something goes wrong, you will have some backup. insurance policies can protect in case someone gets injured while working on your home. This can be very useful, as plumbing is a high-risk activity.

Should I Pay Up-front for an Emergency Plumber?

Never pay emergency plumber for the full amount up-front. There are stories of some home owners who have lost thousands of pounds by paying large sums up-front, then the plumber disappears without finishing the work. It’s always important to get a contract up-front. The contract should state what works are to be carried out and the completion date. It should indicate any foreseeable problems.

Fitting New Taps?

If you would like new taps fitted or up-dated, just simply call. We can be at your home in no-time. We are available 7 days a week to fix or install new taps or repair existing taps. If you are looking for a trusted emergency plumbing in Farnborough to fix and repair then look no further. Cross plumbing has  a wealth of experience, from small plumbing repairs to a full installation of a kitchen.

Boiler Repairs and Services

We are one of leading boiler repair and installation companies in Farnborough. Our emergency boiler services range full central heating fitted to general overhauls of boilers. When it comes to boiler problems, we provide a fast and reliable plumbing service to take care of your home or business.


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